E-Waste Management


We provide Onsite E-Waste collection facility. If you are an OEM, Manufacturer or Producer of Electronic Equipment, we will collect E-waste on your behalf from your consumers (Institutional or Retail). We offer pan India collection services. If you are an Institutional Consumer, simply schedule a pickup and we will collect the waste at your designated time from your place. If you are in any of these cities (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai) we can offer same day pickup.


E-waste is not like Bio Waste where generation is on a daily basis. Most E-waste collectors do not entertain collection calls till there is sufficient quantity to collect. This forces many Organizations & Institutional Consumers to secure such waste at their own facilities (usually at company basements & warehouses) till such time that they accrue sufficient waste to be handed over – usually twice or thrice a year.

For OEMs & Producers this becomes even more challenging since they have to collect from their Retail Consumers as well, where quantities run in single digits, and store till they have sufficient numbers to handover for recycling.

At a time when business rental space, especially in urban cities, is quite expensive, it gets difficult for organizations to lease out locations to store their Electrical & Electronic waste. At Terrapro, we understand this challenge for Organizations and therefore offer Storage & Handling of E-waste as a service. Whether you have one laptop to handover or ten or one thousand, our collection truck will be at your service at your scheduled time – No Questions Asked. We let you store your E-waste in our Warehouse so that you are able to better utilize your space for your business activities.


This service is particularly useful for Organizations which operate out of multiple Addresses in a City/State/Territory and whose E-waste disposal is designated from a particular location. We offer Logistics Services to safely & conveniently move your E-waste from one location to another. And if you are already a partner of Terrapro, we offer this service free of charge.

For OEMs & Producers whose Storage facilities are generally centralized for E-waste, our hassle-free logistics services come as a great help.

Simply, give us a call, and our team of Experts will be there to help you in no time.


We offer 100% data destruction on your end-of-life devices. Our cutting edge technology ensures that the data destruction process is foolproof and renders the data irrecoverable. Each asset is individually tracked and a certificate for data destruction is issued.

You can also opt for Onsite Data Destruction.


We work only with Government Authorized Channel Partners who have state of the art de-manufacturing facilities. We put emphasis on REUSE of components — our cutting edge technology enables us to extract maximum value out of end-of-life devices. Whatever cannot be reused is safely RECYCLED or disposed in the most environment friendly manner. Our Disposal policy is guided by our firm belief in Zero Land-filling.

If you are an OEM / Producer / Manufacturer / Importer of Electrical or Electronic Equipment — see how our EPR SERVICES Pack can help you manage your EPR goals.